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Sunday offerings: Shula's thoughts, crazy fact about Tomlin

DALLAS -- Super Bowl Sunday and this one feels different because it will not only signal the end of the NFL season (never a good thing) but could signal the final NFL game for a long, long time unless the players and owners find a way to forge labor peace.

Some things, however, do not change.

One thing that hasn't changed for some time is how former Dolphins, or players the Dolphins should have drafted or signed or kept come to this game wearing another team's uniform. Today's game is a reminder of a coach that might have led the Dolphins starting in 2007 if the powers that be would have made a different decision on him.

Yes, Mike Tomlin might have been the Dolphins coach if the folks who interviewed him for the Miami job in January 2007 would have seen what the Steelers eventually saw only days later.

Instead, you'll flip when I tell you what the folks interviewing Tomlin for Miami saw instead. It borders on racist, actually.

If you follow me on twitter you know I spent some time with coach Don Shula this week. He's the best, and not just because his number of victories say he is.

Shula is a lot of things to the Dolphins these days. No, he doesn't make decisions or have any say over the roster as he used to. But he is still the compass that tells us if things are right or wrong with the franchise.

And, like many of you, Shula found the 2010 season to be a disappointment for the Dolphins. My Sunday column basically gives Shula the floor. And he shares his thoughts on Chad Henne, on the manner Stephen Ross handled the flirtation with Jim Harbaugh, how that affected Tony Sparano, and what the organization can do from this point forward to overcome its hardships.

Shula also shares one time when his relationship with then-Dolphins owner Joe Robbie was much more tense than Sparano's ever got to be with Ross following the Harbaugh debacle.

I'll be doing a live Super Bowl blog from Cowboys Stadium this evening. It is the only live blog from this venue on this site. So accept no imitators. See you then.