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News, thoughts on Miami quarterback chase

First to the news: The Dolphins have scheduled a private workout and visit with Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick for later this month, something that should come as no surprise to readers of this blog.

Kaepernick is a second-day pick but he's been very exciting to scouts following a promising college career and a simply outstanding spring in which he practiced well at the Senior Bowl and has shown well at the Combine and other workouts.

Contrary to a published report, the Dolphins have not yet scheduled a private workout with Jake Locker, according to a league source.

The Dolphins have every intention of trying to acquire a quarterback through the draft so keep Kaepernick in mind. But lately, I've perceived disappointment from Miami fans on this blog and my radio show in that the current NFL labor impasse might damage Miami's opportunity to find a veteran quarterback to offer a short-term answer to Miami's issues at the spot

Oh, you see the long-term possibilities in the draft, but you think Miami's short-term possibilities are diminishing.

Well, I understand the thinking.

Because the current labor situation is one of union decertification and ownership lockout, nothing is going on in free agency or in the trade market. We're at a stand-still at least until April 6 when litigation between the sides is scheduled to be heard in court.

That means Miami cannot trade for Donovan McNabb or Carson Palmer or Kevin Kolb. It also means Miami cannot possibly pick up or trade for Vince Young, either as a free agent if he's released or when he's made available in trade.

And that all but guarantees that incumbent Chad Henne would be Miami's starter again in 2011.

Well, I have a different view of this labor strife, one that might be a benefit to the Dolphins. It goes like this:

If the labor problems last past the April 28-30 draft, you should rejoice! But only as long as those labor issues get resolved between April 30th and June or early July sometime.

If that happens, and the NFL re-opens for business with a full-tilt free agency and open trading period, the veteran quarterbacks I mentioned above will still likely be on the market in some fashion or another. Except, much to Miami's benefit, the asking price will not possibly be a 2011 draft pick because the draft this year will have already passed.

So if the Dolphins have interest in going after a Palmer or a Kolb, they can do it with the idea of investing 2012 draft picks rather than picks this year. This year the Dolphins are hamstrung in that they don't have a second round pick because they used it in the Brandon Marshall trade last year.

But Miami has a full complement of picks for 2012. And I remind you of Jimmy Johnson's old theory that a first round pick next year is equivalent to a second-rounder this year based on the fact the player this year will come in and be more ready to contribute at a higher level by next year when that rookie next year is still getting his NFL footing. I'm not saying I agree with that, but that was his theory and it worked with players such as Patrick Surtain.

I don't believe the Dolphins can afford to use their first round pick this year on obtaining a veteran quarterback. They obviously don't have a second round pick so they are definitely pondering a trade-down option to recover that second pick. So right now, they probably can't go get either Palmer or Kolb because other teams will have more 2011 picks to haggle with than Miami.

But once this draft comes and goes, the Dolphins will be on a more even footing with other QB needy teams.

And then the idea of trading for a vetern QB such as Carson Palmer or Kevin Kolb might be more palatable. I don't know that Miami would do it, but it would be more possible as well.