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Dolphins not breaking ties with Marshall (right now)

The Miami Dolphins are still at this hour trying to find out as much about the domestic violence incident involving Brandon Marshall and his wife as they can.

So everything from here on comes with the caveat that new details could change the way the team feels and reacts.

Having said that, the Dolphins are not of the mind to get rid of Brandon Marshall.

It has been well reported by profootballtalk.com and Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post that the Dolphins can cut the cord on Marshall if they want by simply not paying him a $3 million option bonus they owe him. That bonus was set to be paid April 2, but assuming it was not because the NFL was under a lockout and had suspended all insurance and contract payments by then, the Dolphins have the ability to make a choice on Marshall when the lockout ends.

The choice is simple: Pay the bonus, keep Marshall at least two more seasons, pay him guaranteed monies slated for 2011 and 2012, and deal with whatever drama Marshall has either on or off the field.

The other choice is to disconnect from Marshall because he has had a long history of problems, particularly of the domestic violence variety, and a leopard simply cannot change its spots. This option means the Dolphins will have had Marshall for only one season while giving up two second-round picks to Denver for that in return.

I am reporting the Dolphins currently, today, at this hour, have zero intention to get rid of Brandon Marshall. They aren't walking away from the investment that easily.

That doesn't mean they don't think he's not troubled. As one club official told me, "He has issues with women, that is pretty obvious." And the club knows Marshall isn't going to give up women regardless of the direction his marriage goes.

So the potential for future drama is there.

The Dolphins are wary of this current episode. They are sending Marshall messages of support through intermediaries. They want him to know they have his back. They want him and others to understand Marshall was the alleged victim here.

But the Dolphins are also eager to learn more about what, if anything, caused the stabbing incident in which Michi Nogami-Marshall plunged a kitchen knife into Marshall's abdomen, confessed to the crime, and stated she was acting in self-defense.

For now, however, Marshall is a Dolphin and will remain so. That's the plan. It is written in sand.