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Fins privately compare Pouncey to Stephenson

So the debate rages whether Mike Pouncey is a center or not.

People, let's settle this now. He is a center.

Forget the issues of those failed shotgun center snaps. Yes, they happened but they came early in in the 2010 University of Florida season when Pouncey was new to the center spot. As the year progressed, the misguided center snaps disappeared.

This is something I was told by someone who was in the Dolphins draft room yesterday: Before the pick was made, Jeff Ireland popped on tape of Mike Pouncey for everyone present. It showed Pouncey delivering a block against a safety some 20-30 yards down the field.

[CORRECTION: I am told by someone higher up who was in the room that Ireland, in fact, did not pop in the tape of Pouncey for everyone. The idiot that I am is now confused and wondering why I believe everything people tell me.]

A comparison was drawn within that room between Pouncey and former Dolphins center and current Hall of Famer Dwight Stephenson. Yes, that's bold, but that is how confident the Dolphins are of Pouncey's ability.

Of course, the comparison was never made publicly. That would put too much pressure on Pouncey. But even the private comparison suggests how high the bar is set for Pouncey.

Now enjoy the video below and check out how many times Miami's new starting center blows the shutgun snap.