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Draft Day 2011: The latest from rumor central

This is the latest from the draft/rumor/smokescreen mill at this hour:

1. QB Andy Dalton is a redhot property and despite the possibility he could go to the Dolphins, there is talk he'll actually be gone by the time Miami picks at No. 15. Incredible. I see this as a reach.

2. Still have found no one other than Jason LaCanfora (previous post) who believes Dolphins will pick Colin Kaepernick with their first pick at No. 15. Maybe if they trade out of the round, but at No. 15? Hard to believe.

3. I'm hearing talk that Notre Dame TE Kyle Rudolph is on Miami's board and a possibility at No. 15, but more likely as a player they like later in the first round as a fallback. Two people have actually told me this. These folks are NFL types, not media. Anyway, the thinking is Rudolph is a stretch the field type player even though he is not a WR. He would be a help to a QB needing a security blanket. The Patriots last year turned their rookie tight ends into very effective weapons.

4. I have confirmed that the Miami draft totem pole has changed in ways more deep-seeded than simply moving out Bill Parcells. Yes, Jeff Ireland is the general manager and makes the final call on Miami's pick. That's a switch from the last three years when Parcells had final say. But I have confirmed the Dolphins did indeed make a little-known but significant change to Tony Sparano's contract that allows him to have the most say in the draft room of any year he's been with the team. The fact is Sparano has the power now to speak up and put the brakes on a pick if he's of that mind. I assume he can also advocate for a pick. That to me is significant because, obviously, Sparano is a bigtime offensive line advocate and Mike Pouncey is a very likely Dolphins target. Does that increase the chances Pouncey gets picked? I don't know. But it is something to keep in mind.

[NOTES: Come back and refresh regularly as I'll be gathering whatever is out there and reporting it back to you here. Also, there is a live draft blog at 8 p.m. And I will be updating my twitter timeline in real time so follow me.]