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Mike Pouncey to Dolphins? He doesn't think so

The Dolphins need to upgrade the center position. Like, very much.

Among the most obvious ways the team is likely to do that is either by moving Richie Incognito from guard to center or drafting someone good enough to take over the job as a rookie -- someone like say ... Mike Pouncey.

Except that Mike Pouncey doesn't seem to be exceedingly prominent on the Dolphins' radar and he seems to think he's headed to another NFL team when the draft gets underway later this month.

"... Would be shocked if I wasn't in a Dallas uniform next year!" Pouncey tweeted earlier this afternoon. "The draft is April 28 so we will see."

We shall see. Obviously Pouncey, who was in Dallas for private meetings with the Cowboys on Tuesday and Wednesday, has gotten the idea that team really, really, really likes him. So he thinks that's where he's headed. The Cowboys hold the No. 9 overall pick, which I believe is way, way, way too early to invest on Pouncey.

If Pouncey is correct, perhaps Jerry Jones, with whom Pouncey met, said something about trading down in the first round. Perhaps the Cowboys are looking at Pouncey as their second-round selection -- No. 40 overall. That is all speculative.

This is not: If Pouncey had his choice of teams, he'd be going to Pittsburgh.

"To all the Steelers fans, I would love to be playing for the Steelers and if I had a choice I would," he tweeted, "but it isn't my choice."

Pouncey would "love" to be reunited with his brother Markice, who was Pittsburgh's No. 1 draft pick last year and a great addition to that team. The Pounceys played together at Florida.

Look, Mike Pouncey would be an excellent addition for the Dolphins, especially if they trade down as they want and hope to do in the first round in order to pick up an extra pick later in the second round.

Yes, he had nearly 100 poor snaps throughout the course of the 2010 season, most of those out of the shotgun. That's a concern. But I was told by a scout that is something that will be corrected by good coaching and something his sheer talent can overcome.

The greater point is, if Pouncey is correct, and he is headed to the Cowboys, does that mean the Dolphins need to make other plans at center?

After Pouncey, there is no real first-round option at center and possibly no second-round option, either. FSU's Rodney Hudson is considered a value in the fourth round. Penn State's Stefen Wisniewski is considered a fifth- or sixth-rounder because he doesn't have the strongest lower body in the world. But I like that he comes from a family line of tough-nosed centers, has great ability to recognize defenses and make line calls and is just a flat-out grinder. (Wow, re-reading what I just wrote, maybe he's more a fouth-rounder.)

I'm assuming Slipper Rock's Brandon Fusco is on Miami's board sometime late, although I wonder about the caliber of competition he faced. Oregon State's Alex Linnekohl is also a late-round possibility.