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Marc Bulger perhaps more attractive than you think

Marc Bulger.

I advise you to think Marc Bulger.

Why, you ask in an inquisitive voice, should I think of Marc Bulger on the Memorial Day weekend? Well, as I shared with you in a previous post, the NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora was reporting the Broncos are more likely than not to keep Kyle Orton when the season eventually gets underway. That seemingly eliminates one semi-attractive veteran quarterback option.

Yet another post this week had Bengals owner Mike Brown swearing Carson Palmer won't be traded, thus putting a dead end sign on that possible veteran QB avenue.

The possibilities are dwindling, folks.

So today when LaCanfora did his weekly segment on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, I had to ask, what legitimate most likely options that leaves the Dolphins? We both agreed not Kevin Kolb of Philadelphia. We both agreed not likely Donovan McNabb.

We both agreed Marc Bulger is a possibility.

Disclaimer: The last time I saw Bulger play was 2008 in St. Louis and he looked tentative, worn, and frankly, a little afraid to stand in the pocket. I thought he was done. LaCanfora acknowledged that Bulger was not good in his latter Rams days. But he told me something I didn't know about Bulger's most recent stint as a backup with Baltimore in 2010.

"I have some pretty good sources on the Ravens," he said. "When I talked to people there they were very impressed with Bulger. They told me when he's on the field and running the offense, the ball often doesn't hit the ground ... They believe he's going to be a very good quarterback in 2011. They would love to keep him in Baltimore as the backup but they think someone will sign him to compete to start or be a bridge quarterback and a pretty good one at that."

Bulger makes sense for Miami because he does have plenty of experience. He has had time to recover from the beating he suffered in 2008-2009. He won't require draft choice compensation. He won't be extremely expensive to sign. He is not exclusively a West Coast offense guy like McNabb and others. And the last time someone took a chance on a seemingly washed up former St. Louis QB, it paid off handsomely.

Kurt Warner went from New York Giants has-been to Super Bowl QB in Arizona.

I'm not saying Bulger will reap similar benefits for his next team. I'm not saying he will be the answer to Miami's QB problems for the next five years. The truth of the matter is the Dolphins are not likely to find that guy in free agency or via trade. Those guys don't just show up on your doorstep.

So if that is what you're hoping for, don't bank on it. I've told you, Peyton Manning isn't signing with Miami.

I'm just saying don't dismiss Bulger out of hand as a Miami possibility. He might not turn the franchise around. But he would serve as competition fo Chad Henne. At this point, that may be the only possbility the Dolphins might be left with.