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Scout loves AFC East draft work (except for Fins)

More draft grades coming your way. Normally, I give you mine (if you force me) and move on. But I want to share with you today the AFC East draft grades put out recently by Dave Razzano.

Why Razzano? He's got the credibility of having 22 years of scouting experience with the San Francisco 49ers, St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals. He was around for five Super Bowls and three Super Bowl wins with those teams. So again, he has that credibility guys such as Mel Kiper and others (me included) do not have.

Razzano is not a big fan of the Dolphins draft. On his blog he gave the Dolphins' draft a D. It was one of five D grades Razzano passed out, with Miami joining Detroit, Atlanta, Carolina, Seattle. Razzano did not give out any Fs so, basically, the Dolphins got the lowest grade he gave out.

"OC Mike Pouncey is solid but the Dolphins still lack a quality QB," Razzano wrote. "The next two picks of RB Dan Thomas and WO Edmond Gates look like back-up types.  Late round DC Jimmy Wilson will contribute early on special teams."

That's tough. It gets tougher considering Razzano apparently liked the work Buffalo, New York and New England did.

He gave the Patriots an A. He gave the Bills a B. He gave the stinkin' Jets a B.