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Brett Favre is not coming to the Dolphins -- period

Brett Favre is not coming to the Dolphins.


Despite Internet rumors fueled by innuedo from journalist twitter accounts, the Dolphins have no intention of signing Brett Favre, a highly placed team source is telling me.

Chad Henne is the team's starting quarterback today. Period.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Oh, I assume some of you will counter with the fact coach Tony Sparano declined to rule out the possibility today during his press conference. He was asked directly if the Dolphins would be signing Favre, who will be 42 in October.

"I can't rule anything out," Sparano said. "I'm giving you the only answer I can give you."

Look, the Dolphins won't rule out re-signing Dan Marino. They won't rule out trying to trade for the rights to Joe Namath. They have yet to confirm that they will open the regular-season in September. This is, how to put it, a bung-tight organization that believes everything should remain in house.

So coach was simply doing what the Dolphins do: Giving the media nothing.

Behind the curtain, however, the truth is different. I think I can sometimes, in admittedly rare instances, get the truth out of these people. I have been told in no uncertain terms Favre will not be joining the Dolphins.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the team will have an open practice at 7:15 tonight. I will be there for a live practice blog. Hope to talk to you in the comments section then.