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A look at QB ranking, Pryor, supplemental draft

Two days ago Eli Manning went on Michael Kay's radio show in New York and made the case for himself as an elite quarterback, a "top five" quarterback. He further said, "I don't consider myself a 25-interception quarterback."

Look, everyone has a right to their opinion, but facts are a wonderful things. And the facts say last season Eli Manning threw 25 interceptions. (Note to Eli Manning: That makes you a 25-interception quarterback).

I may say I'm not a chubby dude, but the scale says I'm a chubby dude. Facts. Get it?

At any rate, as the quarterback topic is something of a big topic in South Florida, I decided to see exactly who are the top five NFL quarterbacks. And the top 10. And the next five in the middling 15. And then the next below average 15. And, of course, the most terrible two at the back of the line.

My quarterback ranking 1-32? It's purely my opinion. It isn't necessarily based on statistics from a year ago alone. It is, once again, my opinion.


1. Tom Brady.

2. Phillip Rivers.

3. Peyton Manning.

4. Aaron Rodgers.

5. Drew Brees. (Hurts, doesn't it?)

6. Michael Vick. (Dolphins once signed Marcus but looked away from Michael two years ago).

7. Ben Roethlisberger.

8. Josh Freeman (Superstar in the making).

9. Matt Ryan.

10. Tony Romo.

11. Eli Manning (You're not top 5, brother).

12. Matt Schaub.

13. Joe Flacco.

14. Jay Cutler.

15. Matt Cassel.

16. David Garrard. (Can the Dolphins trade for him?).

17. Matt Stafford (When healthy which is none too often).

18. Kyle Orton (The Dolphins tried to trade for him).

19. Carson Palmer (Would be ranked much higher if he was, you know, playing this year).

20. Sam Bradford (He'll be much higher by next season).

21. Matt Hasselbeck.  (Much, much higher when healthy).

22. Donovan McNabb.

23. Ryan Fitzpatrick (Sounds crazy but check the tape).

24. Mark Sanchez (Hurts).

25. Vince Young (Would be higher if he could keep his head together).

26. Alex Smith.

27. Jon Kitna.

28. Jason Campbell.

29. Chad Henne.

30. Tarvaris Jackson.

Tie, 31. Derek Anderson.

Tie, 31. Jake Del Homme

33. Jimmy Clausen. 

Obviously, Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne -- the starter for "right now" in Tony Sparano's words -- is not very high on my list. How could he be based on his last two seasons?

Remember Henne's resume in those two years speaks whispers for itself: More INTs than TDs both seasons starting. Under .500 both seasons. Both seasons out of the playoffs. Benched twice last season.

And that leads me to some questions:

Am I blind to put Henne so far down the line? What am I not seeing? What do the Dolphins see that I and, I suspect, many of you don't? If the Dolphins don't see any better than we do, how could they possibly come out of the past two seasons and enter this training camp without even legitimate competition for Henne in the current training camp? Can Henne completely change his stripes and become a good quarterback this year?

Can the Dolphins still find another option at quarterback?

On that last question, you should know the NFL has set its supplemental draft for Monday. Terelle Pryor has been made eligible for that draft. The Dolphins are expected to be represented at Saturday's workout Pryor will put on for teams in the Pittsburgh area.

Will they use a late-round pick on Pryor?

Frankly, Pryor is a long, long, long range project. He proved in college he is coachable because he improved as a player at Ohio State. But he wasn't necessarily good. He couldn't lead his team to a conference title. His arm strength is average at best and accuracy is inconsistent.

Is he worth a seventh-round pick? Maybe.

In my opinion, North Carolina 3-4 OLB Michael McAdoo, Western Carolina's Torez Jones, and Lindenwood's 314-pound DE Keenan Mace, are better prospects than Pryor. Defensive back Tracy Wilson is also in the supplemental draft.