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Two thoughts on adding another QB (Pryor), RB (White?)

Sometime around 2 p.m. this afternoon, the NFL supplemental draft will have come and gone and we will know if the Dolphins made a fanciful reach for Terrelle Pryor or not.

As I have reported here, the Dolphins were among the 14-18 teams that attended Pryor's Pro Day workout in Pittsburgh over the weekend. Makes sense. The Dolphins need a young quarterback in the pipeline for the future.

And let me give you some present-day perspective: The Dolphins could use a No. 3 QB to use in wildcat work this year. That means if the Dolphins invest a middle to late-round pick on Pryor, they can use his 4.38-4.41 speed, his 6-5 and 238-pound frame and whatever limited passing skills he has as their Wildcat triggerman.

And then they could obviously try to develop him as a full-time QB down the road. Waaaaay down the road, given his questionable accuracy and footwork.

On the running back front, the Dolphins need to be searching for help at running back. Specifically, the team needs to be looking for a short-yardage back. For proof of this need you need only look back to Friday's 20-10 preseason victory over Carolina.

The Dolphins had a first-and-goal from 1 yard line against Carolina. And they didn't bang it in on a give to rookie Daniel Thomas on first down. They didn't score on a give to Thomas on second down. They didn't score on a give to Lex Hilliard on third down.

Hilliard finally got the job done on fourth down.

That's good. And bad.

Thomas, frankly, looked tentative on his goal line runs. He didn't look at all like a downhill runner. Hilliard dove both times.

The Dolphins need a plowhorse to bully his way into the end zone.

I suppose they could try Lousaka Polite in such situations during the regular season. But we don't know for sure that Polite will be on the team in the regular seaosn. I don't think 203-pound Reggie Bush is the answer, either.

The Dolphins need to explore adding a big running back.

Lendale White? He makes some sense since he was in that role for the Tennessee Titans in 2008 when scored 15 times. He's been in trouble since then -- he was suspended four games in 2010. He also suffered a torn achilles'' tendon in 2010. And the 235-pounder has been known to weigh 260-pounds during his time.

White is available as he was cut by the Denver Broncos a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, just stay aware on this -- not so much White, but the need for a big, strong back near the goal line.

There's obviously other avenues for the Dolphins to pursue to address this issue. Dozens of running backs -- several of them of the downhill runner variety -- will come available when teams trim their roster in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the bigger issue this raises is why did Thomas seem so tentative in his run at the end zone? He's 230 pounds. He's supposed to be a downhill back. Hmmm.