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Bill Belichick's challenge: Win again in the playoffs

Many of you think the local media or some fans are too hard on the Dolphins.

Well, in New England, some folks are starting to look sideways at Bill Belichick. He was criticized by some for waiving Brandon Meriweather. His draft record has been the topic of much discussion, given that not one player from the 2007 draft is still on the team and the 2006 draft wasn't much better.

And the fact the Patriots have not won a playoff game since 2007, having lost three consecutive games that they were favored iwith two of those at home, hasn't gone unnoticed, either.

So today the Dolphins media kinda sort challenged Belichick on the topic during a conference call with the Patriots head coach.

One reporter asked Belichick if he feels pressure to go beyond having great regular seasons and produce playoff wins this season. "No," Belichick said abruptly. "Right now I'm thinking about Miami and that's it and that's plenty. Just trying to get ready for the Dolphins. That's all right now."

Another reporter asked Belichick to describe his feelings about having not won a playoff game in three years.

"Everything that's in the past is in the past," Belichick responded. "We all know what our records were in previous years and it doesn't really mean anything. We're just looking forward to Monday night and playing Miami and trying to get ready for that game. That's my focus right now."

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