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Oh, now it's the media's fault? Really?

So Reggie Bush said after Sunday's game that the Dolphins "stink."

Then Yeremiah Bell told examiner.com that, in part, Bush stinks for saying that.

And then today the Dolphins public relations machine tried to patch that crack in the locker room because, of course, 53 disparate men always agree on everything and it doesn't matter the entire NFL knows the whole franchise is broken anyway. Hmmmm. How to do this?

Ah, yes. After much discussion about stuff that doesn't matter one iota, the Dolphins decided to blame the true villian in all this -- the media. Yeah, that's the ticket. The big bad intimidating reporters are clearly trying to make Miami players say things against one another.

So after a long conversation with the PR dept., Bell walked back his comments and accused the media of taking Bush's words out of context. Bush, obviously not completely lobotomized by the Dolphins yet, disagreed initially even after a similar meeting with Dolphins PR. It is, he said, hard to take "we stink" out of context.

"What else would I mean," he asked.

But finally the men in the white coats apparently got to Bush. Late Thursday night he was fully on board with blaming the media for the misunderstanding!

"When your [sic] 0-6 it's easy for the media to create something out of nothing," Bush tweeted to his two million twitter followers. "Miami Dolphins are sticking together and believe in one another.

Then he tweeted:

"Because without each other we know that none of this is possible. We hold each other accountable and expect greatness from our teammates

Then he tweeted:

"With that said we are focused on one game this week. The NY Giants. Enough said..."

[Update: Meanwhile, Brandon Marshall tweeted this lovely thought last night -- To Media: When we win Sunday please don't say the Giants didn't take us serious."]

Whatever, dude.

What a total load.

Note to the Dolphins: The media isn't trying to "create" anything. You guys do it so well, no media member short of the most accomplished fiction writer could ever invent poop like 0-6, or losing to Tim Tebow on Gator Day, or not being able to ever stop a quarterback draw.

The media didn't force Brandon Marshall to say he was going to get thrown out of the Jets game in the second quarter. The media didn't invent the fact Marshall ripped the game plan for that Jets game because it didn't target him enough even though he was targetted a team-high 13 times.

The media also hasn't scored any points against the Dolphins this year or stopped them from scoring. That was Wes Welker going 99 yards for a touchdown, not The Miami Herald. No one holding a microphone has kept the Miami defensive backfield from failing to intercept passes at all-time frachise low rates.

The media did recognize right tackle Marc Colombo was a turnstile last year in Dallas and brought that up to coach Tony Sparano in the preseason. The coach would have none of that idea, saying he watched the tape of Colombo thus suggesting the media didn't know anything.

Um, well, Colombo is a turnstile in Miami. And, by the way, on twitter he follows practically every media member that covers the Dolphin but refused every interview request before even one disparaging word about him was written locally. (Strange bird, this one.)

The media did ask in print and on radio why not bring in a truly accomplished quarterback to compete with Chad Henne, with the loser of the competition becoming the backup. But noooo. The Dolphins went with journeyman Matt Moore. And now he's you're starter.

And the team has practically no chance.

The media continues to wonder why the Dolphins don't upgrade at tight end. Meanwhile, the Dolphins continue to wonder why they are so awful at scoring touchdowns in the red zone. Hint: Tight ends are among the most effective red zone weapons.

The media didn't get on that plane to go interview Jim Harbaugh. The media didn't cut Erik Walden so he could go to Green Bay and become a starter. The media didn't draft Pat White or Patrick Turner. The media didn't sign Ernest Wilford or Jake Grove. The media didn't fail to draft a quarterback in the first round every year since 1983. The media didn't guarantee Bill Parcells' his money even if he walked away. The media has not kept the Dolphins winless at home for almost an entire calendar year.

The media -- along with everyone else in the whole stadium -- knows the quarterback draw is always coming. The media didn't pass on Jimmy Graham. Or draft John Jerry.

If the Dolphins want to maximize their time, they should stop trying to keep the media at a distance and instead think about stiff-arming potential tacklers. If the Dolphins want to see the enemy they should turn their gaze away from the media.

And look in the mirror instead.