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Thanks Tim Tebow, Dolphins on TV Sunday

Some of you hate the Dolphins celebration of the Florida Gators 2008 championship at Sun Life Stadium Sunday.

Some of you love the Dolphins' celebration of the Florida Gators 2008 championship at Sun Life Stadium Sunday.

And apparently those who love it are getting the upper hand.

That's because the number of tickets the promotion helped to sell -- estimated by the Dolphins to number between 5,000-7,000 -- has helped drive sales to the point where the team is now in position to guarantee a sellout of the game and thus televise the game on local television in South Florida.

The club will announce later this afternoon that the game will be sold out as it will guarantee the sellout. The Dolphins, in conjunction with sponsors, similarly guaranteed the sellout of the Sept. 18 game against Houston.

Let it be known: There are still plenty of tickets remaining. So the club is hopeful a significant number of those can be sold in the days leading up to the game. But the fact the perfect storm of having this Gator Day celebration coincide with the promoting of Tim Tebow to be the Broncos starting quarterback Sunday worked for the home team.

Since the Tebow promotion announcement in Denver, the Dolphins say 10,000 tickets have been sold for the game. Previously, as many as 28,000 seats remained unsold.

Obviously, not all the tickets sold the past two weeks went to UF fans or alumni. Hey, maybe the 3,000 to 5,000 estimated not to be Gator-driven tickets were bought by University of Miami fans who will come to boo Tebow -- something that would suit the Dolphins.

Or maybe, those tickets were simply sold to full-fledged Dolphins fans.

What a concept!