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Sparano safe but his eventual exit expected

SAN DIEGO -- I had an interesting text exchange with a Dolphins source who insists coach Tony Sparano's job is safe for now so nothing has changed from last week.

But ...

This exchange was different in that out of it I am now convinced Sparano's days with the Dolphins are numbered, anyway. Seems the only way the coach can save his job on a permanent basis is to get the team in the playoffs.

And, if you've been watching the way the Dolphins are currently playing, they do not resemble anything close to a playoff team. So unless the Dolphins undergo a drastic, dramatic and unexpected change soon, Sparano is basically just keeping the seat warm.

Talk about a new definition to the coaching hot seat.  

Sparano might be keeping the seat warm for a week ... Until the next home game, which is October 23 against the Denver Broncos ... Or possibly until the season-finale.

But is he the Dolphins coach in 2012? Well, if he somehow makes the playoffs, sure.

Otherwise ... no.