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Carpenter injury no 'five alarm fire ... yet'

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano clarified the rumors about Dan Carpenter and his kicking situation a tiny bit this afternoon.

Carpenter his a tweaked groin. It's worrisome enough that Miami is working out kickers. Sparano downplayed the idea Carpenter, who is now questionable for the game after suffering the injury sometime Thursday, might be replaced prior to the Buffalo game.

That doesn't mean it won't happen. Doesn't mean it will. I did, however, chuckle when Sparano was pressed on the Carpenter thing for a third question. Looks like at the end of a week of preparation, dealing with a small media contigent, coach didn't feel like discussing the top much further.

Check it out:

(On trying out kickers) - “Well we have not yet. Some point this afternoon here. We have a workout scheduled this afternoon.”

(On if there is a problem with Dan Carpenter)- “Well you’re going to get the injury report any minute now. On the injury report you’re going to see that Carp (Dan Carpenter) is on the injury report with a little groin thing. Late yesterday afternoon, early eve it got a little bit sore so we’re just trying to cover our bases here. That’s all. No five alarm fire yet.”

(On Dan Carpenter’s injury) - “Listen, I just told you what I told you. That’s all I’m going to tell you today.”

(On playing a divisional game and the intensity that comes along with it) - “It’s a big game, obviously a big game. Every game is a big game but the division games are the biggest games. There’s some crazy stuff going on around the league right now every single game that’s played. You look at some of the records. Short of the Green Bay Packers and couple other teams it’s just nobody running away from anybody. All these games are big games. Every week matters. For us this is the next week. We’re excited about getting a chance to do it here at home. Playing a heck of a football team here in Buffalo.”

(On if he worries about his guys being too loose) - “Honestly we’re not any looser right now than we were for the first bunch of weeks. It’s just you guys are probably paying attention to it a little bit more because we’ve won a couple games. This group has been pretty loose all the way through this. They’ve managed to keep a real level head whether we obviously put ourselves in the hole that we ourselves in or won a couple games. They’ve been kind of the same, honestly. There’s been one or two days that are frustrating days through this process but the leaders have been really solid.”

(On toughest part of preparing on a short week) - “The toughest part is probably wasting time here (laughing). I don’t mean that in a bad way. I have Dallas Cowboy film. I have practice film. So there’s a bunch of things that we really have to do still here. I mean, some of the guys will be putting together game plans tonight. Obviously, finalizing game plans here tonight for Buffalo and then moving on to Dallas stuff and actually because we have to hand the players something on Monday. It ain’t going to happen on Sunday although some of us will be right in here after the game Sunday so that’s probably the hardest thing. For the players, it’s easy to shrink the focus down to just the game. The game in front them they’re not looking past anything right now because they’re smart enough to know this is what’s in front of them right now. They’re not worried about anything down the road.”

(On continuing to limit Buffalo’s takeaways) - “Well, obviously what you can try to do here from our end is just it doesn’t have to do anything from a coaching standpoint I don’t think. I just think all parties involved in the ball game us starting fast and continuing to do what we do or have done I should say is going to be important. We talk a lot about here and how we won a few games and how we played well in several games. And maybe how we lost some games I think that our guys are pretty aware of what we need to control. Buffalo is going to come in here ready to play. They’re a well coached team. And obviously they lost a couple games here, but the beginning of the season here. Those guys came out here on fire playing outstanding have been playing outstanding. So you can look at the last game if you want and draw an opinion on it one way or the other. I don’t think it’s a smart thing to do against this team. I think that you really have to look at the whole body of work here and understand turnovers played a large part in that game against Dallas.”

(On Anthony Fasano making progress with his injury) -“Yeah, sure did.”