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Dolphins refute "report" on Chad Henne

It's a new world, people.

Apparently former NFL quarterback Jim Miller recently went on 640-Sports' Big O Show and said Chad Henne "packed it in" when he separated his left shoulder earlier this year. Miller said Henne knew the Dolphins weren't going to re-sign him and therefore he decided not to risk further injurying himself longterm.

The Dolphins are upset about this. The club released the following statement moments ago:

"The report that Chad Henne should have played with his injury is totally false and the speculation of the nature of that injury is not correct.

"The medical staff made it clear to Chad that he could not play with his injury and that his only option was surgery."

I dont' want to make too much about this because it is a blip on the radar screen of importance. Miller was giving his opinion, not reporting something. Not a big deal. Henne, meanwhile, actually sought a second opinion other than the team's to see if hecould play.

So even Miller's opinion is wrong. What is correct, however, is that the Dolphins are moving on from Henne. he will not be the starter next year, assuming someone with a brain is running the team. He's a backup.

Meanwhile, please post the best BBQ places you know of in Kansas City. That's what I'm doing this evening.