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Karlos Dansby: I am the NFL's best LB

Karlos Dansby got the game ball today after he had a sack, an interception and led the Dolphins with 10 tackles in their 20-9 victory over Washington.

Afterward, Dansby was feeling pretty good about himself. He was feeling so good, he said he's the best linebacker in the NFL.


So I asked him, better than Baltimore's Ray Lewis? 

"I'm better than everybody," he answered without pause, prompting me to write a column about it in today's Miami Herald. "Everybody. Period. Point blank. I just haven't had the recognition, man. I'm more versatile than everybody. Period. Pont blank. I'm more versatile than everybody. Hands down. I can do it all. I can take the tight end. I can check the running backs. You don't have to put me in one hole, I aint no hole guy. You can play man-to-man all over the field, man. I can do it all. I can do it all. I can hit guys. I can drop in coverage. I can blitz the quarterback. I got, what, 28 sacks, almost 30 sacks.

"I'm just trying to get my pick game up. I'm trying to get into the 20-20 [interceptions-sacks] club."

Dansby believes he has logical reasons why he thinks he's the best right now.

"I''ve played every position there is at linebacker," he said. "I played sam my first two or three years. I've played the weakside, the Mo. I've played the Will and now I'm playing the Mike. I can do it all. Nobody else can say they've done that and played at a high level. Nobody else. Everybody plays weakside or play under at the Mike. I've done it all. I can press the guard. I watch film."

Brian Urlacher?

"Aging," Dansby said. "He's aging fast, man. He's a great linebacker, but he's aging fast. I respect all the linebckers. But I'm better. That's just how I feel."  

I wish I had asked him about Patrick Willis, but at some point, everybody has to mean everybody, in his mind.

If you missed it yesterday, I want to share with you my column that appeared in Sunday's paper about Brandon Marshall. I guarantee you'll come out of that read seeing a different side of Marshall.