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This victory shows the importance of great QB play

If there was ever a game that told you why the Dolphins have been so terrible this year and yet can be good enough if they make even one significant adjustment, this was it.

This was a game in which Miami got bigtime quarterback play. And so the Dolphins won.

This was a game in which the opposing QB didn't simply give the game away as happened last Monday night (against Phillip Rivers). And so the Chiefs lost.

Simple ain't it?

Great quarterback play ... Dolphins win.

This first victory of the season will be sliced and diced all sorts of different ways as the Miami coaching staff spreads praise and plaudits far and wide so everyone gets credit for this victory. But if you look at Matt Moore's game, you see why the Dolphins won.

Moore threw three TD passes. He didn't turn the ball over. Win.

If he does that every week, the Dolphins win 90 percent of the time. Simple as that. Obviously Moore hasn't been delivering that kind of performance thus far.

In his first start against the Jets, Moore missed wide open receivers. If they were open, On Sunday, Moore saw them and connected with them. He also didn't throw an interception in the end zone that was returned for a TD.

In the loss to Denver, Moore got the Dolphins in the end zone just once. He got them in the end zone twice in the first half and twice more in the third quarter. It was a veritable blizzard of TDs for the team that averaged only one TD per game the previous six games.

Against the NYG, Moore played well early but disappeared in the second half. This game, Moore played well early and later and so the lead the team forged in the first half was extended rather than erased in the second half.

Great quarterback play, people. It erases a multitude of problems.

There really is no other position in the game that can overcome deficiencies as well as the quarterback. You have a quarterback that doesn't take sacks in the red zone, doesn't throw interceptions, sees open receivers and hits them with accurate throws, you're going to win a ton of games.

Witness the 2008 Dolphins with Chad Pennington.

But you get a quarterback who is inconsistent half to half, much less game to game, and you have a roller coaster ride of a season and a mediocre team at best.

That is why getting a good quarterback is so important for the 2012 Dolphins. Moore isn't that guy just as Chad Henne wasn't. They are inconsistent. Simple as that.

The Dolphins get a fine QB and suddenly the receivers seem a whole lot better. Suddenly the defense doesn't have to hold on to a sliver-thin lead in the fourth quarter. Suddenly the margin of error becomes wider.

If you are one of the Suck for Luck people and felt pain when the Dolphins won Sunday, you probably are keenly aware of this need for a QB. If you're with the win-now folks, I assume you also know the need to find good quarterback play for the future despite your desire to succeed now.

And if you are the small, small minority thinking Moore could satisfy both camps by being that guy ... well, just stop it. Can you at least wait for a couple of more great games from him before you make the case he's the great QB Miami needs?