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Three important things on an 80-degree autumn Sunday

Three things this A.M.

1. There will be a live blog of the Dolphins vs. Buffalo today, a game at Sun Life Stadium that begins at 1 p.m. Check in with me and we can discuss the game as it happens. We can discuss the week that was. We can discuss the topics that I'm about to serve up as breakfast right now:

2. My column in today's Miami Herald is about Cameron Wake. The column tries to figure out exactly what it is the Dolphins have with Wake. Is he elite? After last season, everyone thought so. Now, we're not quite sure he's in the same conversation with DeMarcus Ware or Jared Allen among pass-rushers and even one of his coaches says Wake still has a distance to go in his development. Don't get me wrong, he's good. But to be elite, you have to get past the initial breakthrough season and do it when people know you're coming. Please check out what Jason Taylor says on the topic, and you'll see right off which team almost stole Wake from the Dolphins.

3. RG3!

Did you see him last night against Oklahoma? If you didn't, please check out the videos below and find other sources to see him play because he was excellent. All he did was pass for 479 yards and four TDs to lead Baylor to its first ever victory over the Sooners in 20 tries.

He threw a 34-yard winning TD pass with 8 seconds to play that must have traveled 50 yards in the air. And, yes, the pass was perfectly on target. He also led his team with 72 rushing yards on 18 carries, with most of those coming on scrambles rather than planned runs. So he has a world-class arm. He has national-class speed as a sprinter and hurdler. And he played big on the big stage.

He basically turned a kneel-down series meant to get his team into overtime into a fantastic game-winning drive all because Oklahoma got greedy and didn't realize Griffin III is capable to running and throwing like that.

I like that. And if you've been following me twitter, or reading this blog, or been listening to my radio show for any amount of time, you know I've been on this kid's bandwagon for some time. In fact, you can read my twitter timeline and last night my friends were demanding an RG3 tweet from me. Crazy!

This weekend has been great for Dolphins fans eager to learn more about the class of quarterbacks that will possibly be coming out in the draft.

We saw Brandon Weeden Friday night. We saw RG3, Landry Jones and Matt Barkley last night. Missed Andrew Luck against Cal, but Indianapolis Colts president Bill Polian was there. So you don't have to worry about Andrew Luck, folks. He's going to the Colts as we've presumed for weeks.

Weeden was a disappointment to me. Yes, he threw for 472 yards and had three TD passes. But he also threw three interceptions and seemed, I'll say it, caught up in an individual trap-game letdown. Weeden seemed disinterested at times while he was on the sideline and was way too casual for my tastes on the field. He allowed his team to lose to an underdog with the Oklahoma game peeking over the horizon. He also pretty much seemed to crush his own chances of winning the Heisman Trophy. He was brutal.

Matt Barkley had a tough stretch against Oregon. He had an interception and also failed to connect with a running back on a handoff and that led to a fumble -- all helping the Ducks make a breakneck comeback.

But outside of those gaffes, Barkley was excellent. He completed 26 of 34 passes for 323 yards with four TDs and that one interception. In a hostile environment, he went nose to beak with the Ducks defense that last week got the better of Andrew Luck.

The most impressive thing about Barkley to me was that he was not moved by all the hype of the atmosphere. The Ducks run a play every 13 seconds or so and when they got going, it can be intimidating to the opposing offense, because they must answer.

Barkley, running an orthodox west coast pro-style offense, answered Oregon's score through three quarters. He was very cool. He did not allow the stage or the moment to be bigger than him. It was an impressive outing.