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What is it with the Dolphins and all this dancing?

I think dancing is great. Really. I admire dancers. I was a pretty good dancer once. (It's in the blood).

But the Dolphins are seriously into dancing lately. I mean, seriously.

You saw Jared Odrick do the curious Pee Wee Herman dance after he made a play against Washington on Sunday. Today, during warmups before practice, linebacker Kevin Burnett put on some interesting moves that caught the entire team's attention. It was like, everyone is stretching and Burnett is going off to Atomic Dog.

Burnett was apparently celebrating the 100 year anniversary  of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

And in the Dolphins locker room there is picture of Jason Taylor in all his Dancing with the Stars splendor with a funny caption that I don't believe I can repeat here but you get the drift.

My God, this is a happy 2-7 team!

Not only is there dancing, but then there are jokes about the dancing. Leading the charge as the butt of the jokes is the Pee Wee dance from Odrick. No question.

"I'm voting that the top worst celebrations I've every seen," linebacker Cameron Wake said of the Odrick dance. "I've told him, and he doesn't even care. I thought it was a one time thing, you know,  But that's his thing now. So I thought, 'Ha ha that's good,'  when I first saw it. But now it's like, "Dang, he's doing that again?' Next time he does it I'm going to push him out of the way."

Taylor was right there with the ripping of Odrick initially, but he dialed back Thursday.

"He got his feelings hurt when we said he didn't like it," Taylor said. "So we just left it alone. Whatever, just keep making plays he can do whatever dance he wants."

One player who definitely is not on the Dolphins top dance competition this week (or maybe any week for that matter, unless I miss my guess) is tight end Anthony Fasano. Fasano is nursing a tender ankle. He returned to practice Thursday on a limited basis after missing practice altogether Wednesday.

The Dolphins hope by Sunday he'll be ready to bust a move or do whatever dance it is that moves him.