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A thank you and look at Robert Griffin III

[First a thank you: As the year draws to a close, I want to thank you for another wonderful and record-breaking 12 months on this blog. Simply, this is the most popular blog at the Miami Herald as well as the most popular sports blog. It's been that way for years. Although other blogs at the Herald try to talk Dolphins, this is your Dolphins destination blog. And this, the final week of the year, was typical of that. On Tuesday, for example, Dolphins In Depth garnered 50.45 percent of the page views of all the blogs at the Herald -- that includes sports and non-sports blogs. That was No. 1 overall and easily No. 1 in sports, as Eye on the U had 2.9 percent of the page views, Heat Check had 2.42 percent of the page views, On Frozen Pond had 2.03 percent of the page views and the Greg Cote blog was fourth in sports and ninth overall with 2 percent of the page views. Those results are typical. You guys don't take holidays off from this blog. You guys come here in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and even overnight. So thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your comments. I expect 2012 to be even better. -- Armando.]

Did you watch Robert Griffin III play last night?

Griffin, known to his fans at RG3, was merely good for Baylor but you have to understand that by good, I mean amazing by recent Dolphins quarterback standards. He completed 24 of 33 passes for 295 yards with 1 TD pass, 1 TD run and no interceptions.

He had highlight his moments, such as his 24-yard TD run, his block to spring a teammate on a 36-yard TD run, and a 48-yard pass that set up Baylor's go-ahead score that made it 60-56 against Washington in the Alamo Bowl.  Baylor eventually won, 67-56.

Pretty impressive.

Griffin showed incredible accuracy in completing 72 percent of his passes but you must also consider three of his incompletions were a result of drops. He showed great mobility, great speed and good vision downfield.

He wasn't perfect. He missed a wide-open receiver streaking down the sideline on a fourth-down throw that he mistakenly directed into double-coverage toward the middle of the field instead. He held the ball too long in the pocket once, leading to a sack. He also fumbled once when he was blindsided on a strip-sack.

But overall, Griffin III continued to solidify his status as the second-best quarterback prospect in the April NFL draft behind Andrew Luck. But that's only if he declares for the draft, as everyone, including scouts and NFL personnel people, expect him to do.

"We went out in style!" Griffin shouted to his teammates as he paraded the Alamo Bowl trophy around the field. Then Griffin jumped into the stands where his parents, sister and fiance were sitting to share a moment with them. His parents, by the way, are already studying their son's NFL draft prospects and talking to agents.

Griffin gave a small indication of when he might announce his decision to stay in school or go pro.

"I want Baylor nation to enjoy this," he said. "It's not about me. I've got about two weeks. I'll enjoy this the next day, and then the next day, and then I'll make [my decision]."

Griffin III is rated the No. 10 overall prospect by Mel Kiper. That's conservative.

I don't see him getting past Washington if he comes out and they are picking five, six, or seven. There are even whispers Cleveland is interested in Griffin III. Yesterday, Cleveland coach Pat Shurmur told the local media there he would definitely find a way to catch RG3's game on television and the Browns had scouts at the game.

"Tremendous talent," Shurmur said of RG3.

The Dolphins?

Yes, they were represented at the game as well.

So assuming RG3 comes out, will the Dolphins be in position to land the second-best QB prospect? It won't be easy. If the Dolphins beat the Jets this weekend, they'll be 6-10. That will be better than Minnesota, Cleveland, Jacksonville,  and possibly Washington.

There's no way RG3 will get past Washington. Jacksonville has a young QB in Blaine Gabbert, but there is no one that can predict with certainty the Jaguars would not take a potential franchise quarterback. Obviously Cleveland is interested.

I believe the team to worry about is Washington. If they Dolphins want RG3, they would have to trade up ahead of the Redskins. And the Redskins, knowing this, would probably also be trying to move up to make sure teams behind them don't move ahead.

The price for such a climb? It will be steep. If Luck goes to Indianapolis with the first pick, the St. Louis Rams will probably auction off the second pick for a bounty of draft picks. If multiple teams such as Miami and Washington are involved, we're talking multiple first-round picks to make a deal.