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Dolphins defense hitting a low of points

Have you noticed the AFC stats lately? Yes, the Dolphins are last in the AFC East and their record is not acceptable by any definition. But their defense is doing something that must be at least acknowledged as solid:

The Dolphins are giving up relatively few points.

Look at the amount of points the team has allowed this year and it iis somewhat surprising the 206 points Miami has yielded is the lowest in the division. Fact is the Miami defense is ranked No. 6 in the NFL in points allowed.

Obviously, there are issues to resolve as to the the timing of when the Dolphins give up points. Those late points allowed to Denver and Cleveland cost victories. But overall, the Miami defense is playing pretty well of late and the relatively few points allowed is worthy of note.

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is largely responsible for that. Yesterday, Nolan discussed the recent use of cornerbacks Vontae Davis and Sean Smith in more of a man press technique as opposed to zone. He discussed the fact the Raiders pose a challenge in that they have a solid passing game and the No. 4 running game in the NFL.

Here's a taste: