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NFL truths escape the Dolphins

FOXBORO, Mass. -- The NFL regular season is 16 games long. It begins the second week of September and ends the final weekend of December. An NFL game lasts four quarters. That's 60 minutes of football.

I write this hoping the Dolphins read it, as many are wont to do, and learn the truth about the NFL because they are apparently not aware.

I write this hoping this organization figures out that playing well starting in November isn't good enough. I write this hoping this team realizes you cannot shut out the New England Patriots 17-0 in the first half and expect that will be good enough in the second half.

The Dolphins, a team that began the season 0-7, played well again at times Sunday. They indeed had that 17-0 lead against the Patriots and Gillette Stadium was shockingly quiet. But the Patriots got to play in the second half. And they put 27 points up to beat the Dolphins.

"In those first four or five minutes of the second half, the momentum shifted to their side and that’s not good, especially with the group of guys over there – coaches and players," receiver Brandon Marshall said. "When you have a team down, you have to put them away so you have to learn and grow and have that be part of he building blocks for next year."

The frustrating thing?

During their little runs, the Dolphins show glimpses of being good.

Today they had Brady running for his life, sacking him three times in the first half. Brady had a 51.9 passer rating in the first half. Today, Matt Moore looked great in the first half. His passer rating was 120.3.

But the game wasn't over!

And apparently the Dolphins didn't realize it.

The Patriots adjusted and suddenly there was no pressure on Brady. Suddenly, Moore was a turnover machine, throwing an interception and fumbling once -- with both turnovers leading to TDs.

This game ends the Todd Bowles experiment. His team showed the same inconsistencies under him as under Tony Sparano. They started fast but couldn't finish.

The Dolphins need to add someone that changes the culture. They need to hire someone with an alarm clock that signals the start and ending of a season as well as the start and end of games.

Seasons run 16 games. Games go four quarters.