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Sparano: 2011 Dolphins more fun than 2008 Dolphins

Winning is fun, right? It's got to be more fun than losing every day of the week and mostly on Sunday.

Except, apparently, when you're talking about Tony Sparano's Miami Dolphins.

The Miami coach has made no secret of the fact he really, really, really, really likes this group of players. He enjoys them. He enjoys coaching them. He likes them so much that when things were 0-7 terrible and I asked if Sparano might simply just step away midseason, a source close to the coach immediately dismissed the notion, saying he would never quit on these guys because he likes them so much.

Today Sparano went to his furthest extent in explaining just how much he likes this 4-8 team. He likes them more the 2008 team.

You remember Sparano's 2008 Dolphins?

They did some magical things. Turned 1-15 into 11-5. Started slow but turned things around when no one thought they would or could. They made the Wildcat package a household name. They had you guys saying things like, "In Tuna We Trust!"

That 2008 team was also Sparano's first team. So you'd think that first team would be his fave.


"I've said this before and I'll say it again, including that team, with all due respect to that team, and that team was special to me, this is the best bunch of guys," Sparano said. "This is the most fun bunch of guys I've been around.

"They're not afraid to work. They just came off the field laying it on the line out there today, and giving it everything they've got. It's a good group of people to be around. It's the right mix of veterans and young players. At that time those [2008] guys were young ... These guys are not young anymore but still young enough."