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The answer to the question you ask more than any other

Amid the good times the Dolphins are currently enjoying -- four wins in the last five games -- the question I get asked the most is whether the end of this season can somehow erase the beginning of the season for coach Tony Sparano.

Folks that love Sparano ask me what he has to do to save his job. Folks who hate Sparano ask me (with trepidation) if the first seven games and three seasons without a playoff berth will be considered ahead of the current winning trend.

Folks ask me for scenarios in which Sparano stays ... and goes.

Even as the Dolphins are enjoying the current success, folks want to know what coach will be responsible for this franchise's future success -- Sparano or someone else.

There is no definitive answer to that yet. But it's close.

My column in today's Miami Herald tell you the odds of Sparano keeping his job are nearly insurmountable. The column goes through the scenarios of what the final month of the season -- starting today with Philadelphia -- might bring and how Dolphins ownership views and will respond to those scenarios.

I also tell you of a possible pitfall in the manner the Dolphins will go about their search for a new coach, if Sparano cannot complete the Hail Mary he must complete to save his job.

Please check out the column and discuss in the comments section below.

We can also add that to your live blog discussion of the game that will be held on this blog as the Dolphins play the Eagles today.