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The looming decisions facing the Dolphins

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Brrrrr! It's cold up in here although it is a beatiful day in western New York.

Before we start today and well before we get to the live blog at kickoff, I present to you my Sunday column that tries to strike an optimistic chord for those optimists among you that see Miami's looming search for a coach, quarterback and football operations czar something positive.

Sure, there's a negative way to look at this. The Dolphins have to search for a coach, quarterback and may hire a football czar because, as the column notes, previous searches have failed.

But that does change the fact this coming search presents opportunities. Don't you agree?

The column does not cover this question: Do you believe in the current ownership to find the right coach and right football czar? Do you believe in the current personnel department to identify and draft the right quarterback, regardless of what moves need to be made to do that?

I do say this, in the column: If how they fired Tony Sparano and promoted Todd Bowles is an indication how this is going to go, that is not a good sign. Read how it happened and tell me what you think.

And, of course, I will be here for you for the live blog. See you in the comments section.