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Theme of the day: Dolphins disconnect

The theme of this blog today is the grand disconnect in and around the Miami Dolphins.

Where to start? Oh yes, with Jeff Ireland and the looming coach search. Forgive me, but I don't get it. I don't see how Ireland is leading that search for the Dolphins as owner Stephen Ross signaled during his press conference Monday.

My column in today's Miami Herald gives several reasons why I don't understand Ireland spearheading the search -- among which are the fact most high-profile coaches that are available will want to bring their own personnel men and Ireland stands in the way of that desire.

There are other reasons but suffice to say, I don't see how having Ireland and a star coach can be a match. Ireland and an inexperienced or second-tier coach are a match. A star coach and his own personnel man without Ireland in the picture is a match.

Ireland and a star coach is not a match.

So there is a disconnect in what Stephen Ross wants out of this coach search -- a star -- and whom he has playing a key role in that search -- Ireland. Anyway, please read the column.

And that leads me to Carl Peterson. I've reported for months that Peterson is bound to replace Bill Parcells as the club's football czar. Well, ESPN"s Chris Mortensen reported Peterson would soon be hired to the front office role once held by Parcells.

The disconnect?

Peterson denied the report to The Herald's Barry Jackson. And Ross deftly side stepped the issue during his presser, saying he "hadn't had conversations with him with regard to that."


Parcells has been gone since October 2010, Ireland is alone in the desert of a 4-9 season, and the owner hasn't talked to his friend about an obvious position with his team even though they talk about football matters all the time?

Let me see if I buy that?NO!

I'm told Peterson is definitely in play. I've been told not to rule him out. My sources aren't as adamant as Mortensen's but they are definitely wary about the denial. They tell me what is true today -- that Peterson is not on board, may not be true tomorrow.

Hmmm, a disconnect between today's truth and tomorrow's.

One more thing: The Dolphins are a club that is diconnected in my opinion. You have the football team headquartered in the Davie training facility. The business operations are headquartered at Sun Life Stadium. And for the past four years, even before the move of the business ops to the stadium, there was a clear and obvious disconnect between the two.

This cannot continue. A house divided against itself cannot stand. I've never seen such a disconnect inside one organization. Ross has to figure out how to get the business side and the football side to all put their oars in the water and row in unison.

That hasn't always been the case in recent years. In fact, it has rarely been the case in recent years. And so the fallout is early season kickoffs that give the football team a homefield edge being moved to later in the day or to primetime. You have football ops telling the business side that players will not do Christmas videos. You have the head coach never really talking to the business people.

It's weird. It's a disconnect. It needs to be resolved.

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