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Connecting dots on RG3 declaring for the draft

Robert Griffin III is today telling Baylor coach Art Briles he will declare for the NFL draft in April, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

That's not a surprise in that RG3 as he's known has already earned his undergraduate degree in political science, already won the Heisman Trophy, already put the Baylor program on the national stage again, and is likely to the second quarterback drafted.

It all makes sense but there's more to it than that.

RG3's decision has an indirect effect on the current head coach search being conducted by the Dolphins and Rams in that the No. 2 pick St. Louis holds suddenly became more valuable.

With RG3 in the mix, the Rams may have increased their options for trading the pick to a quarterback-hungry team for multiple first round picks. The Rams may also suddenly have a viable new option for picking a new quarterback if the prospective head coach or general manager is not completely sold on Sam Bradford.

And so Jeff Fisher, who is weighing which team gives him his best chance of building a winner as quickly as possible, can absolutely consider the chances of adding multiple draft picks for that second pick into the whole equation.

That is a potential boon that St. Louis may have at its disposal that Miami will not.

Fisher probably will not base his decision on how valuable the No. 2 overall pick is, but he probably has considered that pick on some level. And that pick just got more valuable. Furthermore, the fact RG3 now figures as a possibility has to give anyone considering the Rams significant reason to believe working for the Rams is suddenly a more attractive proposition.

All that aside, let me say this about RG3: I am not scout. I am not expert on personnel matters. But I am quite certain the gifts this young man brings to the table will make him a success in the NFL.

Yes, RG3 needs to tighten up his footwork because he gets into the bad habit of throwing off his back foot a lot -- partly because his arm is so strong. But he is simply too intelligent, too athletic, too accurate as a passer, and too much of a solid citizen to do anything but succeed in the NFL. I'm not saying Griffin III is another Cam Newton or Andy Dalton who will have instant success in the NFL.

But he will be able to start in the NFL for someone right away next year. And he will be a very good player in the NFL eventually.