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Did the Dolphins interview best Green Bay assistant?

The Dolphins have announced their interivew with Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin has concluded this Saturday afternoon.


I'm wondering if they interviewed the best Green Bay assistant?

The fact of the matter is many NFL people I speak with tell me the biggest budding star in the Green Bay Packers coaching staff is assistant head coach Winston Moss. Yes, Joe Philbin is considered to be a very good coach. He is a solid X and O guy and he has no problem communicating with most of his players.

But those same people tell me Moss commands a room when he walks into it. Those people tell me when Moss speaks, everyone listens. They tell me Moss will be a head coach in the NFL and if he gets into the right situation, he will be a bigtime winner because he knows football, knows how to pick good people, and is a natural leader.

And so again, I ask, are the Dolphins interviewing the right Green Bay assistant?

I know this: The Oakland Raiders are becoming the Green Bay Packers of the west. They've asked former Packers general manager Ron Wolf his opinion on all things from hiring a general manager to hiring a head coach. No, Wolf is not oficially working for Oakland but his words are resonating.

So it comes as no surprise the Raiders hired former Green Bay director of football operation Reggie McKenzie on January 5. McKenzie has the power to fire and hire head coaches. And, again, people I'm speaking with tell me McKenzie is seriously considering firing head coach Hue Jackson.

And if that happens, McKenzie will ask for permission to interview, you guessed it, Winston Moss.

So the people from Green Bay who best know the people working within the organization are moving to Oakland and when they think of bringing other Green Bay people with them, they're probably going to be talking to Winston Moss.

And the Dolphins, admirers of what the Packers have done, look at the Packers staff and don't include Moss in the interview process? I'm not saying, don't talk to Philbin. I am saying, absolutely talk to Moss!

Oh, one more thing:

Winston Moss is from Miami. He was born here. He went to Southridge High School here. (I remember interviewing him after a high school game and he ended the interview with, "Thank you, sir.") Moss also went to The University of Miami.

Moss was the leader at Southridge. He was a leader on The U team that won a lot of games and had a lot of Alpha males on it. They listened to Moss. He was a leader as an NFL player also. He was a team captain three times in his pro career and was voted winner of the Ed Block Courage Award on the 1993 Raiders and an Unsung Hero Award in 1996 by the NFL Players Association.

The man's impressive to practically everyone who knows him.

Why the Dolphins talk to him, I have no idea.