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Dolphins paranoia rears its paranoid head

There's an old adage about how quickly football teams adjust, or should adjust, to the strategy of their opponents: High School teams adjust next game. College teams adjust next half. NFL teams adjust next series.

The Dolphins are adjusting.

Intrepid Miami Herald reporter/columnist David J. Neal has been staking out the Dolphins facility since the start of the current coaching search from an adjacent parking lot overlooking the team's practice facility. That vantage point got you the pictures of yesterday's Jeff FIsher arrival and departure on the helicopter. And we also learned that Steve Ross, Jeff Ireland and Carl Peterson accompanied Fisher when he left because we saw it.

Well, this morning, the Dolphins ordered the security guards at Nova University, which maintains the garage, to remove the media from the garage.

I don't know if the Fins are upset people are making jokes about the helicopter, or the fact we're seeing who is involved in the daily activity of the coach interviews, or the fact they're just plain paranoid. I remember once upon a time this organization made general manager candidates interviewing for the job available to speak to the media -- and the team was a playoff team at the time.

Whatever the problem, the Iron Curtain has descended around the Dolphins practice facility. Winston Churchill would be sick about this.

Now it's up to the media to adjust in an effort to bring you the most accurate informaton possible. Clue on how quickly we'll adjust: The Miami Herald doesn't hire people in high school or college.