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Dolphins refute Bowles was pushed on McCoy

I arrived at Dolphins camp for the Joe Philbin presser early and, within minutes of being here, I was pulled aside by team people who wanted to deliver a message:

General Manager Jeff Ireland read the post on Mike McCoy and Todd Bowles and wanted the message to reach me that he denies the Dolphins would push an assistant on a head coach.

Further, I was told that it was the Dolphins' view that McCoy was actually enthusiastic about talking to Bowles and possibly hiring Bowles as his defensive coordinator.

And so now I'm in the twilight zone because on the one hand, I'm told by people extremely close and familiar with McCoy that he did not want to necessarily hire Bowles for reasons explained in the last post 

And on the other hand, the Dolphins are saying their understanding is that McCoy loved the idea of hiring Todd Bowles as the defensive coordinator.

This feels like a Jeff Fisher replay where Fisher's view of his meetings with the team and the team's view of the same meetings were completely at odds.