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Dolphins should have new coach by Friday

Todd Bowles, Joe Philbin and Mike McCoy will interview a second time for the Dolphins' vacant head coach job starting today and going through Thursday. Bowles and Philbin will be today and McCoy on Thursday.

If this goes according to plan, the Dolphins should have a new head coach by Friday afternoon.

I don't know who the leader is at this time. It frankly doesn't matter because I'm told this round of interviews truly will decide the winner.

Here are some of my thoughts on the subject:

1. Bowles has spent four years working for the Dolphins. He was the interim coach that went 2-1. He has the backing of Bill Parcells. He almost got the Detroit job a couple of years ago. He already interviewed for the Oakland job this year and is on the radar for the Indianapolis Colts' job if he doesn't land the one in Miami.

What exactly do the Dolphins have to find out about him that they don't already know?

One has to wonder if the fact Bowles is part of the old guard, under Tony Sparano, is a help or hinderance in that it's viewed as doing more of the same thing? Among fans the answer might be different than among the men who are actually deciding this hire.

If Bowles does not land the job, will he be be offered the defensive coordinator job because the other two candidates are offense-minded coaches? Do not dismiss this possibility.

2. McCoy is suddenly hot. He can thank Tim Tebow for that. The fact is McCoy's offense was terrible before Tim Tebow dropped the winner's annointing on the Broncos. The offense was putrid under Kyle Orton. And McCoy was no hero in Carolina, either. Fact is he got less out of Matt Moore in 2007 with the Panthers than the Dolphins did this year. That's fact.

But McCoy did get more out of Brandon Marshall than has been the norm in Miami. And he comes highly recommended as well. Dan Henning respected him. John Fox loves him. And he is a hot commodity around the NFL, as Tampa and Oakland are also interested in him.

You have to give McCoy major props for adjusting the Denver offense this year to suit Tebow's skill set. The ability to adapt is a trademark of a former Dolphins coach had. That coach's name was Don Shula.

McCoy is 39 years old. He kind of fits the young Don Shula quote from Stephen Ross.

3. Philbin is similarly impressive and comes with hopes he might bring some of the Green Bay success to the Dolphins -- as in tangibly. There is talk he might bring quarterback coach Tom Clements with him to Miami as the offensive coordinator. There is talk he might be able to recruit Matt Flynn, Green Bay's backup quarterback, to the Dolphins as well.

I suggest the Dolphins judge Philbin on his own merits. You don't hire a guy based on what else the guy might bring you. That's like a woman that marries a man mostly because he's got money. Rarely works out.

I asked a source close to Philbin what he emotional state is. You'll recall Philbin had a son who drowned last week. He stayed away from the Packers much of the time last week before coaching from the press box on Sunday.

I am told Philbin has assured the Dolphins through his agent and will do so again in person that he is willing, ready and eager to move on with his career and that he is emotionally fine.

Many of you want me to tell you who I believe should get the job. I cannot because I'm not going to pretend to know these guys intimately enough to gauge which is best. I am not in the interviews. I have not actually sat down with any of them.

Any journalist giving you an opinion on which candidate would be best ... run away from that idiot.

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