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Landry Jones returning to Oklahoma as senior

The quaterback talent for the 2012 draft just got thinner, as Oklahoma University just announced Landry Jones is returning to school for his senior year.

"I want to accomplish the goals that I set before I got here, and there is still a lot more to do," Jones said. "I want to make sure I've exhausted every effort in that area. And I want to be a senior. I enjoy being at OU and with my teammates and look forward to graduating with the guys that were in my class when I got here."

The Artesia, NM, native said the NFL remains his goal.

"That's the ultimate goal for anyone who plays football," Jones said. "I've thought about that since I was a little boy. It would be a great honor to play in the NFL and that goal will still be there when I finish at Oklahoma."

I'm glad Jones is going back to school. It is the best decision for him because, frankly, he struggled terribly the final month or so of the season and that hurt his draft stock. He showed poor decision-making. He turned the ball over. He proved himself incapable of carrying his team when injuries befell the offense.

Unlike the decision by USC's Matt Barkley to return to school, Landry's decision isn't really a huge hit to the Dolphins. Jones would probably not have been a top 10 draft pick, given his struggles.

He thus would not have figured in Miami's plans at No. 8 or No. 9 where the Dolphins are scheduled to select. (There will be a coin toss between Miami and Carolina for the No. 8 pick and the loser takes No. 9).

Barkley, by contrast, might have been the second or third quarterback selected and would definitely have been on the radar of both the Dolphins and other teams in the top 10 looking for a quarterback.

The indirect effect this Jones decision might have is that teams in the middle of the first round that might have waited for Jones to fall to them now might be tempted to trade up past the Dolphins to land a quarterback.

Impossible to predict.