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Perspective always a good thing this time of year

Let's pause from the news that is almost certain to break out later on Friday (Joe Philbin in town, the Jeff Fisher watch) to take account of what is going on right now.

I know the narrative in covering the Dolphins is often that the entire organization is comprised of bumbling, driveling dumb-dumbs. Anytiome I write anything even remotely positive, many of you call me a homer. You say anyone that works for the Dolphins is not as good as the guy working for the Patriots, Packers, Giants, Saints or Ravens because, well, those teams are better than the Dolphins.

So their people are obviously better than Miami's people.

Well, that is sometimes the case. It's undeniable.

But not always.

I knew long ago when the Dolphins got rid of Wes Welker and he turned out to be quite special in New England that mediocre results here don't mean a player or coach or front office man is mediocre. I learned the lesson when the Dolphins fired Mike Westhoff and he is still one of the better special teams coaches in the NFL. I learned it when year after year Miami would blow out assistants like Mike Mularkey, Joel Collier, Dom Capers, Clarence Brooks, Paul Boudreau, or Keith Armstrong, and they'd land somewhere else and do great work.

Same with the upper management.

People we don't appreciate much here leave or are fired and they end up being great for other teams. Browns President Bryan Weidermeier and former Dolphins marketing man Jim Ross come to mind.

I'm reminded of this because the Dolphins were a disasterous 6-10 this season. And someone has to be responsible. So we think everyone in the organization thus sucks.

Not true.

Too simplistic to think that way.

There are quality people working for the Miami Dolphins today. There are fewer, than years ago, I grant you, but still there are quality professionals around.

In coaching, you can tell quality beyond player production in how quickly folks get hired. I assure you men such as Mike Nolan, Bryan Cox, Todd Bowles and Brian Daboll will not be unemployed long if they are not retained in Miami.

And it says something when Brian Gaine out of the personnel department is mentioned as a candidate for the Rams general manager job. (I don't know Gaine that well, have heard some things about him I didn't love, but still am open enough to believe he brings certain gifts to his job.)

It says something when Bowles is considered a candidate to interview for head coach jobs elsewhere. Bowles, by the way, reportedly is on the Rams radar to interview for their open job. The NFL Network reported the Dolphins denied the interview request but that is inaccurate. The Dolphins had not even received the consent request form as of late Thursday.

But I digress ...

The point here is we have to take a step back and breathe sometimes during these hectic times following a terrible season. No, the club is definitely not producing. One playoff appearance in a decade is completely unacceptable and I understand the frustration that has caused.

But does that mean everyone working for the Dolphins is awful?