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The combination coach is probably wishful thinking

Dolphins fans are desperate. And they're starting to reach for anyone and anything that might give them hope. So I'm getting e-mails suggesting different coaches would be a great idea as long as, you know, they bring someone else in tow.

They want Joe Philbin as long he gets Matt Flynn.

They want Mike Zimmer to run the defense as long as he brings Todd Haley to work on the offense.

They want Dave Toub if he can convince Devin Hester to come home.

While I hope not, you're probably setting yourself up for disappointment. Major disappointment.

The fact is Philbin had a good interview. A club source says he impressed. But there are questions whether he would be in position to move his family following the death of his 21-year-old son last week. His emotional state is uncertain to the point no one knows how it would affect his candidacy for the job.

And to believe he definitely can bring Flynn with him is a fairy tale.

Let's just say it right now: The Green Bay Packers are not stupid. They are likely not going to let a commodity such as Flynn simply walk out the door in free agency without trying to get something for him first. That means they may franchise him. Or they may put a transition tag on him. I predict there is no way the Packers just let Flynn go for free.

And, by the way, Flynn won't be free even if he costs no compensation. He's going to his next team to start, not to compete to start. And he's going to cost starter money. He is the 2012 version of Kevin Kolb. I'm not saying he won't perform once he gets to his next team. I am saying it is going to cost a mint to sign him and probably cost draft picks to get him away from the Packers on top of that.

I heard the idea floated Saturday that Zimmer is headed to the Dolphins because he is familiar to Jeff Ireland and he's a good coach and he also had a solid interview in New York last week when he met with the Dolphins.

But Zimmer has no more experience putting a staff together than you and me. So he might need some help with running the offense, which suggests perhaps Haley would be a fit.

It is plausible, I guess.

Haley's agent is also Jeff Ireland's agent. I'm sure the idea has been floated for Haley to get an interview of some sort. But if the only job available is an offensive coordinator gig, the thinking among league people is that Haley probably would be most comfortable returning to the Arizona Cardinals.

And that's assuming he's not going to the New York Jets.

The point is Haley has options.

If this sounds pessemistic, please rethink that. It is reality. Maybe lightning strikes and the Dolphins can get Zimmer and Haley or Philbin and Flynn.

But lightning hasn't really been striking on the Dolphins' behalf a lot lately.