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Raiders fire Jackson and ripple effects felt here

The Oakland Raiders have fired head coach Hue Jackson.

The possibility was discussed right here last week and as such, one of the candidates former Green Bay personnel man turned Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie is going to consider for the vacancy is Green Bay assistant head coach Winston Moss.

ESPN is reporting McKenzie will also consider Packers secondary coach and former Steelers safety Darren Perry ...

.... notice any names missing?

Where's the interest in Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin?

Yeah, not so much.

Look, different teams are interested in different coaches. The Dolphins are most interested in Jeff Fisher and that is where their search starts and ends until he makes a decision (with several people now telling me he's leaning toward Miami).

After Fisher the Dolphins have indeed cast a wide net, including offensive, defensive and special teams assistants. Tampa Bay has cast a vastly different wide net, interviewing a couple of candidates of little interest to Miami, such as Marty Schotteneimer. Every team is different.

But the fact the Raiders are now run by a Packers guy, the fact that Packers guy probably knows the inner workings of the Packers better than the Dolphins, and the fact the Packers guy is looking at several other Packers guys but not Philbin, suggests a couple of things to me:

Perhaps if the Dolphins want to start getting results like the Packers, or looking like the Packers, they should maybe interview Moss or even Perry. I'm not saying the Dolphins should absolutely hire Moss and Perry, but this movement out west should cause the Dolphins to think long and hard why Moss isn't on their radar but is so prominent on the radar of a former Packers guy.

Moss, by the way, is from Miami.