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Tony Sparano headed to the NYJ

I asked a very wise football man on Monday if Tony Sparano could work for Rex Ryan.

"I don't see why not," he said, already knowing Sparano was headed to the Jets as their new offensive coordinator. "Tony and Rex are a lot more similar than anyone knows. It can work."

We'll get to see because the former Dolphins head coach has been hired to replace Brian Schottenheimer as the J-E-T-S offensive coordinator.

I know, I know ...

Fist pump!

The Jets will now have at least two former Dolphins coaches in Sparano and Mike Westhoff. If Sparano follows Westhoff's approach, he'll view every game against the Dolphins as a personal vendetta. He'll try to add wrinkles and gadgets that will make the Dolphins wish they'd never fired him.

I know, I know ...

Many of you are surprised Sparano would be the play-caller. He called plays in Dallas in 2006 and run plays in 2007. When Sean Payton went to New Orleans, he wanted to take Sparano with him as the offensive coordinator. The move was blocked by Bill Parcells, who kept Sparano in Dallas.

Many of you believe Sparano to be a classic ground-and-pound kind of guy. And that's probably right. He is a run-first coach. It's an undeniable part of his DNA. But perhaps that's what the Jets want because they used that formula plus great defense to make it to the AFC championship game two consecutive years in a row.

This year, the Jets opened up the offense a bit more and failed to make the playoffs. Ultimately, Sparano's success in New York will depend on the very same thing his success in Miami depended on: The quarterback. Period.

Now that he's working for the Jets, I'm certain Sparano will be no local favorite. But I still respect Sparano. He'll bring some class to the Jets organization.

Heaven knows they needed it.