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NFL is in Indy; Peyton Manning is in Miami

The NFL's annual combine is underway in Indianapolis and everyone who is anyone -- general managers, coaches, scouts, agents, media -- is there. (So of course, I'm in South Florida.)

But guess what?

So is Peyton Manning.

While the Dolphins contingent, including general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin, is in Indy picking and prodding at college talent hoping to become NFL talent, Manning is in South Florida enjoying the great weather and working out.

He was seen Wednesday night at Joe's restaurant on South Beach, where Manning has a condo. He has also been spotted working out, including throwing sessions with Colts wide receiver and former University of Miami star Reggie Wayne.

A source tells me Pierre Garcon, another Colts receiver and South Floridian, is expected to soon join the work.

So does any of this mean Manning is headed to the Dolphins?

The short answer is no. It means the Mannings like the weather here. It means several teammates happen to live here. It means Manning is not expected to have that face-to-face with Colts owner Jim Irsay in the coming hours because, well, he's here.

But it doesn't mean Manning is definitely headed to the Miami Dolphins. I must say this, however, it doesn't hurt that the guy likes it here.

It's unclear if Manning is aware of the groundswell among some Miami fans to get him to the Dolphins -- a movement illustrated by the billboard I wrote about on the blog Wednesday. But I know this: The Dolphins aren't necessarily moved by the billboard.

In his 15-minute talk with the media in Indianapolis today, Ireland said he hadn't even heard of the billboard's existence until five minutes before he began his presser.