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Dolphins QB search now in spin mode

And now David Garrard is scheduled to visit the Dolphins on Monday, The Herald's Barry Jackson has confirmed.

Two things:

What is it with the Dolphins and quarterbacks with neck issues? First Peyton Manning and now the club is flirting with a player who had bulging disc surgery last year. First thing the team will do with this visit? Get him to a doctor to see what the deal is.

Another thought I have is that this a kick-the-tires visit, if it even happens because I'm still expectant on Matt Flynn making a decision either by this evening or tomorrow morning.

Beyond that, the Dolphins QB search after Peyton Manning can be described in two different ways. I will describe both ways and let you decide which to believe.

The positive spin: The Dolphins know no one left on the free agency market is a franchise quarterback. They believe Flynn might be a good player and are willing to pay him as such to compete with Matt Moore. But the contract offer they made Flynn's agent safeguards the team against Matt Flynn being a tremendous bust and playing like the seventh-round draft pick he was years ago. This is protecting oneself for the good of the franchise. So the Dolphins, so far unable to get Flynn to buy into the idea of coming to Miami and competing for a starting job, are kicking the tires on practically anyone else on the market. They are doing due diligence. They have a set price they're willing to pay and they're sticking by their convictions. They'll get somebody. But they'll not overpay for anybody.

The negative spin: The Dolphins couldn't close on Peyton Manning. The Dolphins couldn't close on Matt Flynn. They probably won't be able to close on Alex Smith because he's going to want to get paid and they're not going to overpay him -- at least until their desperation kicks in. And now they're in full-fledged grasp at straws mode by checking out Garrard, a guy who didn't want to play for them last year for the price Miami was willing to pay. On the Garrard thing, I was told by several team sources that money was not an issue in getting him that there was other factors. A source close to Garrard said the exact opposite. That Miami underwhelmed in their offer to him and he didn't want to come to South Florida for that small of a prorated deal. This was, you may recall, in October when the Dolphins were desperate after Chad Henne's season-ending injury. So what has changed? Well, Garrard is more desperate now. No one has been serious about him even visiting until the Dolphins did it. And the Dolphins are just kicking tires. And we're supposed to be enthusiastic about this?

Those are the two possible spins on what is happening in Davie. You decide.