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Wake has rejoined Dolphins workout program

Consider the Dolphins and Cameron Wake to be on friendlier terms this week.

Last week the linebacker sat out the week of voluntary offseason conditioning to make the point he's none too thrilled with the idea he has not gotten a contract extension as he heads into the final year of his deal in 2012.

After some dialogue between the team and Wake's agents and Wake and Joe Philbin, that has changed this week as general manager Jeff Ireland told me today Wake is back working with the club in the conditioning program.

The mini holdout is over!

"Cameron felt like he had to go in to speak with Joe Philbin face to face, man to man, out of respect to him as a new coach," said agent Paul Sheehy, who represents Wake. "They spoke, and Cameron decided to work with his teammates during this voluntary period, while I work on the business side of things with the Dolphins."

The sides will continue to discuss an extension. Nothing is imminent on a deal front. Both sides want to get it done. Both sides obviously have a difference what the final numbers should be.

But it seems like good news that this is going forward out of the shadow of hard feelings.

Anyway, didn't we all know that Wake, a workout warrior, couldn't keep from doing everything he can to be ready for the 2012 season?

It will be interesting to monitor how things go during minicamp and then again for the start of training camp if the sides haven't agreed on a deal. We'll see.