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Set your clock: Live blog chat at 2 p.m. today

The Dolphins say they intend to be more transparent with their fan base now. That's why Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland have conducted conference calls with season ticket holders in recent weeks, including last night. That's why owner Stephen Ross has promised to get on a similar call with the same constituency after the draft, probably in May sometime.

I think that's a good idea for the most part.

I want to jump on board the transparency bandwagon, too. That's why after quite some time without one, I think a live blog chat is in order. For today. Let's say 2 p.m. in the comments section.

I'll answer questions, exchange ideas, accept criticisms and pats on the back, and mostly talk Dolphins football with you.

We can discuss the draft, with the Dolphins looking at Ryan Tannehill, Justin Blackmon, Quinton Coples, Brandon Taylor, and various other WRs, QBs, DBs, pass-rushers and offensive linemen.

We can discuss Miami's coming 2012 schedule, including the preseason schedule which is tentatively supposed to come out this week.

We can discuss free agency as constituted.

We can talk long-term possibilities for this team or the short-term realities.

As the blog says, no taboo subjects. I do not censor questions.

If you cannot be here for the live chat at 2 p.m., leave your question or comment in the section below and I'll address those before we get crackin'.

Talk to you at 2 p.m.