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Week in camp and Dolphins aren't hitting ... much

The Dolphins will conduct practice at Sun Life Stadium Saturday morning and part of that session will include an intra-squad scrimmage that I am assuming and hoping will include some actual hitting.

Why am I looking for tackling?

Well, because there's been precious little of it so far in training camp. The Dolphins have been in camp for a week and I've yet to see goal-line work. I've yet to see an Oklahoma drill. I've yet to see full-speed contact.

I've seen slow-speed contact. But in watching the coverage of other camps on the various networks, and having covered 24 previous training camps in Miami and around the NFL, I've been seen a lot of hitting going on by this stage. I haven't seen that much with the Dolphins so far.

It must be said that less contact typically means fewer injuries. But eventually, a team has to hit to prepare for the coming preseason and then the regular season. You don't want to go into the preseason without having hit and have the hitting in preseason be the introduction to contact.

One certain sign of Miami's low-contact camp so far has been the absence of fights among players. Obviously no coach encourages that sort of stuff, but it is a yearly fact of life in the NFL that training camp breeds a scuffle or two.

Not this camp. Not so far.

[UPDATE: Not today, either, as the team is in shorts today.]

I'm not saying this is a poor or wrong approach. I am simply reporting that so far, this is definitely the approach for Joe Philbin's Dolphins. It is interesting to me.

And it'll be more interesting to see if there is any fallout resulting from the minimal contact -- be it a team not prepared for hitting and rife with poor tackling or a team that is healthy and fresh for the start of the season.

It can, after all, go either way.

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