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Audio and visual edition of Thursday camp update

Rookie qarterback Ryan Tannehill got his opportunity to take a few snaps with the first-team offense today, marking the first time he's done so as a profressional.

He didn't seem overmatched. But neither did he look like the second-coming of Dan Marino. It was simply snaps in a practice in which Tannehill did some things well and some not so well. He had, for instance, a fine pass to Chad Johnson on an in-cut on a play that Johnson beat cornerback Jonathan Wade.

Tannehill also had first-down completions to Davone Bess and Marlon Moore.

All this was done as the Dolphins defense was installing the Bear or 46 front today, meaning they had lots of personnel at the line of scrimmage and they were attacking.

“It was good," Tannehill said. "I think I have a lot of things to learn from the tape, but it was good to get in there (and) see the first defense, see the different things that they bring as opposed to on the other end. (I) definitely have some things to work on, but I think it was a good start.”

Coach Joe Philbin said Tannehill "earned" his first-team snaps by throwing the ball well his first few days at practice. Tannehill split the first-team snaps with Matt Moore.

Watch other parts of the Tannehill interview below to get his reaction to how he did.

It was an interesting day for some Dolphins receivers today. In the Salguero dictionary, interesting can mean inconsistent.

Roberto Wallace, who finished Wednesday's practice with a 79-yard TD pass along the right sideline, started today's work on the field with a practicially identical play.

But ...

Then he dropped an easy deep pass later in practice that went through his hands, down his body and onto the ground. And He also dropped a slant pattern pass in traffic. If Wallace is going to take that next step from project and potential to production, he's got to catch those passes.

Chad Johnson had the catch of the day when a pass was underthrown and he stopped and dove back in front of a defender who expected to make a play on the ball. Johnson snatched the ball out of the air as he dove and foiled the turnover as well -- two negatives turned into a positive for the offense.

Afterward, by the way, receivers are trying to improve their catching skills. Ladies and gentlemen, Marlon Moore:


There was good news and bad news today. The bad news is receivers Brian Hartline (calf) and Clyde Gates (hamstring) missed another day of work. Hartline has practiced only two times this training camp. Gates has missed this entire week.

My opinion? Jake Long delivered the best news of the day today.

As you know, the Dolphins have shifted to a zone blocking scheme this season from the downhill power blocking team of the past few years. Long said he "loves" that. He said it is what Michigan did his final two seasons there and he believes it gives him the opportunity to use his altheticism.

"You get to run and get on guys and finish 'em and take them wherever they want to go," Long said.

That's good.

This is even better: Long said he is the "healthiest I've been in a long time." He added that it has been at least three years since he's been this healthy.

Listen to the interview:

Download Jake Long