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Things to look for as Dolphins camp starts Week 2

The Dolphins are back today after getting their first day off since the start of training camp. Some things to watch:

Brian Hartline: Will he return to practice? He's been nursing a calf injury and missed all but one day of practice. On Monday he said he wasn't going let the pressure of getting back prematurely bother him, but make no mistake, the pressure is there. Simply, the coaching staff wants to see him practice to get a comfort level with him because it hasn't seen him very much based on the fact they're new and Hartline missed much of the offseason work as well with the calf and appendectomy.

[Update 1: Hartline is not practicing.]

[Update 2: Safety Kelcie McCray, who left practice Monday, tweeted early this morning that he broke his foot and will have surgery today.]

Eric Steinbach: Will he see movement? He's played every one of this 124 NFL starts at LG. He was working at LG on the second unit all of last week except for a couple of periods on Monday. But as everyone knows, Miami's need is at right guard. So is the get acquainted period that coach Joe Philbin discussed over? Will Steinbach get more RG work today so that he can begin to mount a challenge to Artis Hicks for the starting job? Or does he stay at LG, get promoted to first team and Richie Incognito get moved to RG, which is his more natural position anyway?

[Update 3: Steinbach is working with the second unit and is still at LG.]

Ryan Tannehill: Today will be his first day in full pads. It doesn't really matter from a contact perspective because quarterbacks don't get hit in practice. But it could matter for the Dolphins if they're going to let him take first-team snaps and actually have an opportunity to mount a campaign to become the team's starter. If, if, if, if, the Dolphins are serious about letting Tannehill win the job, today could be key because today could be his day to get first-team snaps.

[Update 4: Not today. He's working primarily with the second unit.]

Clyde Gates: I have serious doubts about this cat. I don't know if he's tough. I don't know if he knows the plays. I don't know if his speed translates to this level. He missed a day of practice with a hamstring tweak. Does he shake it off and get right back into today? Or does he allow himself to cruise a little? We'll see.

[Update 5: Gates is not working during the early part of practice.]

Chad Johnson: He's scheduled to speak with the entire media corps for the first time since camp opened. Will he be humble? Will he be boastful? Will he throw the Patriots under the bus for his inability to get on the field last year? Will he have outlandish predictions? Will he even do the availability as promised? It's all unpredictable with Johnson.

Jamaal Westerman: Miami's vision for him initially was as a solid special teams contributor and backup defensive end. Except that the first four days of practice he showed impressive pass-rush skils -- albeit against mostly second-team personnel. So does the coaching staff react? Do they introduce Westerman into the competition for starting defensive end by letting him take some first-team snaps? Do they watch him more closely in the competition for pass-rush personnel? The competiton between Jared Odrick, Olivier Vernon and now Westerman got a lot more interesting last week. Let's see where it takes us this week because, after all, Westerman can't afford to let up as consistency is important.

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