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Dolphins increase in value but Ross still under water

The good news for the Miami Dolphins? Forbes declared today the team increased in value a total of five percent over the past year.

The bad news? The annual valuations of NFL teams as evaluated by Forbes has set the Dolphins value at $1.06 billion ... and that is still less than the reported $1.1 billion owner Stephen Ross paid for the team in January 2009.

Moreover, the club's 36 percent debt to value percentage is the third highest in the NFL behind only the New York Jets and New York Giants who recently took on significant debt after the building of the Met Life Stadium in the Meadowlands.

At 1.06 million in estimated value, the Dolphins rank No. 15 in the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys are the highest valued NFL franchise at $2.1 billion.

In the AFC East, the New England Patriots are valued at $1.635 billion (second-highest in the NFL), the New York Jets are valued at $1.284 billion (6th in the NFL) and the Buffalo Bills are valued at $805 million (No. 29 in the NFL).

One more thing: Don't feel poorly for Ross that this investment still isn't in the black. He's worth $3.1 billion, according to Forbes, which ranks him tied for the 367th richest person in the world. So he's doing fine, thanks.