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Most likely WR upgrades? Gaffney or Stallworth

Plaxico Burress because he's a free agent? No. Definitely not. Dolphins didn't want him last year and still do not.

Terrell Owens? I've already reported to you that GM Jeff Ireland said no.

James Jones in trade? I doubt it because he would cost (a high draft pick) and he's not worth that and the Dolphins think they now have a deep threat.

Donte Stallworth? Maybe. The club worked him out and sent him for a follow-up medical test so he's on the call list.

Jabar Gaffney? Maybe. He's worked out and is dangling out there.

[Update: Gaffney actually is working out today.]

That's the state of possible upgrades for the Dolphins at wide receiver. What does it all mean?

The Dolphins are shopping for bargains and discards right now.

If you expected the Dolphins to do something outrageous, perhaps even audacious, the past few days to improve the struggling wide receiver corps you probably weren't all that moved by the waiver wire pickup of Anthony Armstrong. He's a nice receiver, a solid second-tier talent. But a star? Not yet.

Moreover, if you believe that Miami really isn't done improving and the addition of Gaffney nor Stallworth impress you, again, you're going to be disappointed. That's because a big name simply is not likely to come this way, folks.

Mike Wallace is not coming.

Dwayne Bowe? Hard to imagine the Chiefs will part with him and that the Dolphins would pay him what he wants.

Who else is out there?

In the draft, I mean -- because that's where the Dolphins are most likely to improve that position most when they finally stop shopping in the bargain aisle.