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Happy Thanksgiving from Dolphins in Depth

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Today is about big parades. And eating. And certainly about watching football. There are three games on the schedule, including an AFC East meeting between the Patriots and the Jets.

But there's more to this national holiday than the national sport. This is, as you should know, a time to give God thanks for the many blessings he's bestowed on us the past year.

I thank Him for my wife and family.

I thank Him for health and wholeness.

I thank Him for a life full of goodness.

I thank Him for tests -- because they will lead to testimonies.

My family will celebrate with a meal today. I'm frying a turkey. That's right, frying. Locks in the juices. Highly recommend it if you haven't tried it.

But we all must be aware not everyone is enjoying the kind of prosperous personal situation most of us are. Some are less fortunate. Some are not of good health or perhaps aren't working or maybe have been detoured by a string of bad luck.

On Wednesday afternoon the Dolphins did their share to make sure some of those less fortunate would still be able to enjoy this day and be thankful for a good day, at least. The club in conjunction with Publix gave away 750 turkey meals that included all the fixins'.

I shot some videos of the folks picking up those meals.

Here they are:

And here's part deux: