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Jonathan Amaya in jail at this hour

Jonathan Amaya is fortunate Dolphins players didn't have to report to the team's training facility today because he was busy -- in jail.

Amaya, a special teams player who also plays safety, was arrested for battery early Monday after he tried to choke a taxi driver, according to Miami Beach police records. Amaya, 24, was arrested after the incident which happened in the early morning hours outside Club Bamboo on South Beach.

According to an incident report, Amaya ordered the taxi and asked the driver to take him to Weston -- which is about an hour north and west of Miami Beach. The driver allegedly told Amaya he didn't provide rides to Weston but changed his mind when Amaya gave him $100 cash up front.

According to the report, Amaya became "aggressive" during the ride and the driver took him back to where he picked the player up. The driver also allegedly returned Amaya's money.

Amaya apparently didn't appreciate this because the driver told police Amaya "leaned forward and wrapped his hands around his neck and started choking him."

Police arrived while Amaya was still in the cab and arguing with the driver. The driver told police, "This man is trying to kill me."

Amaya was taken into custody and records indicate Amaya is still at this hour being held on $1,500 bond. It is unclear why Amaya ordered a cab if he got to the club in his own vehicle.

Amaya is a marginal contributor on the Dolphins. He has all of five special teams tackles. His spot on the roster is definitely in jeapardy unless he has a really, really good explanation for the incident.

The Dolphins are aware of Amaya's arrest but have not yet commented on it.

[UPDATE: The Dolphins have released this statement on the matter: "We are aware of the situation and are in the process of gathering information."]