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Philbin message to Carroll: Job's on the line

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin had a little chat with cornerback Nolan Carroll today.

Carroll, you will recall, had a tough night against Buffalo his last game. He had two pass interference penalties, a holding call and an illegal contact called against him. It was four first downs and 76 yards worth of penalties.

So the Dolphins coaches perhaps felt the need to remind the cornerback that a starting job is notgifted or inherited. It is earned. And Carroll has to earn better than he did last week or he's going to find himself replaced.

"I talked to Nolan today a little bit individually," Philbin said. "I know the coaches communicate with him on a consistent basis. I think Nolan is an aware player. These guys that have been in the league, they're professionals. They know their job's on the line. Told him today. We all get evaluated by our performance on Sunday. That's the most important thing for what we do -- what I do as a coach and what they do as players. He's aware of what he needs to do and things he needs to do better."

I was expecting the conversation with Carroll would be more along the lines of raising his spirits or perhaps serving as crutch to waning confidence. Nope. That apparently wasn't the approach.

 "I think the confidence to us, to me, is gained through your preparation and doing things in practice and doing things consistently. Doing them well," Philbin said. "And then the transfer of practice to the game. We're expecting him to play well Sunday."

Philbin said Carroll has practiced well and obviously you see the team expects him to play well. If he doesn't for the second consecutive game ...

Well, job's on the line.